The Library Country Charitable Foundation was established in June 2015. The purpose of the Foundation's work is to carry out charitable activities aimed at providing assistance and promoting the legitimate interests of libraries in Ukraine.

The Foundation's activities received a new impetus in 2016 with the participation of graduates of the 12th seminar "Responsible Leadership" of the Aspen initiative in Ukraine Yuri Husev, Tamara Sukhenko, Oleksandr Krasovitskiy, Anastasia Baidachenko, then publishers Igor Stepurin, Vladyslav Kyrychenko, Victor Kruglov. 

Команда Фонду

  • Igor Stepurin,Head of the Foundation, founder of the Sumit Book publishing house
  • Liusiena ShumExecutive Director of the Foundation, Member of the NGO "ANTS National Interests Advocacy Network"
  • Iryna Varlamova, Project Coordinator
  • Kateryna Alekseyenko, Partnership Coordinator
  • Bohdana Lebid, Communication Manager

Members of the Supervisory Board and co-founders of the fund:

  • Yuriy Husev, Chairman of the Foundation's Supervisory Board, Director of Ukroboronprom, Former Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine
  • Tamara Sukhenko,social psychologist, founder of the Facilitation Park Facilitators Agency
  • Oleksandr Krasovitsky, Director of Folio Publishing House
  • Vladyslav Kyrychenko, founder of the publishing house "Nash Format"
  • Victor Kruglov, director of the publishing house "Ranok"

Main goals

  • Spreading a new vision and role of libraries in modern society.
  • Stimulating innovation and improving library services by highlighting best library practices and learning from global experience.
  • Updating book collections of libraries of all levels (public, educational institutions, etc.).
  • Popularization of the book and spread of reading culture.

Підтримати діяльність Фонду можна перерахувавши благодійний внесок на рахунок: UA493510050000026008593756000, АТ «УкрСиббанк», МФО 351005, ЄДРПОУ 39821457, БО «Благодійний Фонд «Бібліотечна країна», призначення платежу «Благодійний внесок на статутні завдання Фонду». 

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