The Library Country Charitable Foundation increases the capacity of Ukrainian libraries to provide services to communities by advocating for the modernization of the library system, training librarians, sharing experiences, and replenishing book collections so that library services can respond to social challenges for the development of human capital and prosperity of Ukraine.

Our vision: To increase the capacity of Ukrainian libraries during the war, to provide services to vulnerable groups, to promote the formation of Ukrainian identity, and to support physical and mental health. To inform foreign libraries about Ukraine, the consequences of the war for libraries and their needs.


  • Promoting a new vision and role of libraries in modern society and advocating for the modernization of the library system.
  • Development of libraries - stimulating innovation, training and exchange of experience.
  • Update the material and technical base of libraries (book collections and other types of information and technical materials).
  • Public diplomacy is the establishment of international partnerships with libraries and library institutions.

Our history: The Library Country Charitable Foundation was founded in June 2015. The Foundation's activities were given a new impetus in 2016 with the involvement of the graduates of the 12th Responsible Leadership Seminar of the Aspen Initiative in Ukraine Yuriy Husev, Tamara Sukhenko, Oleksandr Krasovytsky, Anastasia Baidachenko, and publishers Ihor Stepurin, Vladyslav Kyrychenko, and Viktor Kruglov. 

Performance results for 2016-2023

  • We donated more than 100 thousand books to more than 500 libraries.
  • We have brought together various stakeholders who share our vision.
  • We helped to develop strategies for library development in communities (Dnipro, Chortkiv, Terebovlia, Ternopil region).
  • We launched the Green Library Movement, Healthy Libraries, and Seed Libraries systemic initiatives.
  • We provided humanitarian aid to librarians during the war.
  • We provided professional support to the affected librarians: psychological and legal assistance, promoted networking and mutual assistance.
  • We post training courses and meetings with experts and authors in the public domain on our YouTube and Facebook pages (over 100 videos).
  • We helped increase access to books for Ukrainians abroad and provide access to books in foreign languages in Ukraine: launched the initiatives "Ukrainian Books to Libraries of the World" and "Books for Ukraine in Foreign Languages".
  • We establish contacts with the international library community and promote the interests of Ukraine and our initiatives in the library sector.

Our Team

  • Igor Stepurin,Head of the Foundation, founder of the Sumit Book publishing house
  • Liusiena Shum, Executive Director of the Foundation, Member of the NGO "ANTS National Interests Advocacy Network"
  • Iryna Varlamova, Project Coordinator
  • Kateryna Alekseyenko, Partnership Coordinator
  • Margaryta Smahliuk, SMM manager

Members of the Supervisory Board and co-founders of the fund:

  • Tamara Sukhenko, голова наглядової ради Фонду, соціальний психолог, засновниця агенції фасилітаторів Facilitation park
  • Yuriy Husev, Chairman of the Foundation's Supervisory Board, Director of Ukroboronprom, Former Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine,український політик, громадський діяч, дипломат, Надзвичайний і Повноважний Посол України в Азербайджані з 22 лютого 2024 року, ексзаступник Міністра оборони України(2014—2016)
  • Oleksandr Krasovitsky, Director of Folio Publishing House, директор видавництва «Фоліо»
  • Vladyslav Kirichenko, founder of the publishing house "Our Format";, засновник видавництва «Наш формат»
  • Victor Kruglov, director of the publishing house "Morning", директор видавництва «Ранок»

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