Kherson is the main city of the Kherson region in Ukraine. It’s a very cozy and beautiful city on the Dnipro River. Kherson was occupied by russians on 4 March 2022. Russians destroyed, robbed, and exhausted city. The city was under russian occupation for 8 months.

During the occupation period Kherson regional library was used by occupants. They have stolen all the technical kinds of stuffs (computers, printers, and other office machines), stolen valuable books and manuscripts. The library building was mined.

6 June, the russians blew up the Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant. The station cannot be restored, and experts from all relevant fields continue to analyse the situation, measuring the extent of the destruction and damage caused. It’s a huge environmental catastrophe. It’s ecocide. Kherson city and Kherson region were flooded. Hundreds of people and animals were killed caused russians had destroyed dam. Tons of water had destroyed cultural heritage, rural libraries, and unique culture layers.

During the occupation period, one part of them librarians had to go to a territory under Ukrainian government control, other workers were under pressure from russians, they used them for propaganda TV shows.

After liberation, librarians are excited and motivated to rebuild the region and work for the community.

What has been done right now:

  • Collection of books for the library to replace stolen ones was announced.
  • A charity account was opened to support the library and librarians.
  • The library’s board of trustees was restarted.

To resume work (damage assessment and regular work), the library needs:

  • Laptops and computers (5-10)
  • Scanners zeutschels-os 12002 advanced plus, os 12002 v, os 16000 comfort
  • Microfilms reader

To help rural areas, the library dreams about mobile library bus. It helps to morally support local people who have lived in occupations and get access to education and culture and of course, books.

Today, Ukrainians are fighting for democratic values and self-identification. For our history, language, heritage. For our culture. That’s all about library and librarian’s work.

Support our libraries – support Ukraine!

Kherson regional universal scientific library is one of the biggest regional libraries in Ukraine. There were publications in 45 world languages. The library’s book storage is designed to store 1 million 200 thousand volumes. The library fund contained rare and valuable publications: fund of pre-revolutionary, pre-war, and post-war publications.

Facebook page of the Library, Web site

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